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This story is based off of my imagination during my spring break and you'll get to know the characters before jeff steps into the story

When we drove threw the neighborhood I saw a park with a few swings and a little convenience store .As I was looking out the car window we pulled into the drive-way of our new home .This was my first time moving so I was a bit scared of making friends.My name is Ariana but my brother always calls me Ari and his name is Elliot I'm 16 and he's 15 .I pulled my red hood onto my head and thought of my dad on his business trip .Then Elliot waved his hand in front of my face ."Ari your spacing out again" Elliot said .He hair was brown and a bit fluffy he had green eyes just like my mom did My eyes were a blue color and my hair was as black as a raven so it matched my hoodie pretty well .I moved his hand away from my face ."Yeah i'm just not a guy who doesn't get nervous easy like you" I said .

"At least I'm not a chicken" He taunted and he was right about that I was a bit of a scaredy cat,then I heard mom call to us ."come you two lets start hauling the box's into our new home" My mom said with a smile .When i walked into the two-story building it was very nice on the inside and it had a big garden in the back .When we we're done hauling the box's in I walked up the stairs to chose a room while Elliot was helping mom put things in place .

I picked the room that was facing the backyard and made my bed first before I did anything else to the room .It was starting to get dark and my mom called me and asked I wanted anything from the store I didn't reply so she probably thought i fell asleep unpacking .As I heard the door close I continued putting my stuff away while Elliot was downstairs hooking up the wires for the tv and cable .My hair started to get in the way so I put it in a ponytail and turned on my ipod and put it on shuffle the first song to play was "dance with the dead" by Get Scared .After I finally finished I turned off my ipod and heard mom pull into the drive-way .At that point i just lied down on my bed and stared at the ceiling thinking if I could make friends at school let alone one .

I decided to go down to get a snack from hauling stuff and unpacking all day .So I grabbed an apple and went to the backyard and sat on the grass ."thinking of dad Ari?" said Elliot .I nodded and he sat next to me ."He'll be back from his business trip soon and we'll all be back together" he said with a smile ."whatever you say bro" I said biting on the apple as he got up and walked back into the house .For some strange reason I had the feeling I was being watched .I looked around seeing no one in site but a few tree's blocking my view of the houses next to our's .As I got up I noticed something at the corner of my eye it looked like a man but when I looked again the man was gone .

A shiver went down my spine and I went inside and went upstairs telling mom and elliot I was going to bed .When I reached my room I closed the door and layed down on my bed tired .So I took off the ponytail that was holding up my hair and removed my hoodie showing my white tank top with a black skull on it .Even if I seemed like a dark person I wasn't .I grabbed onto my stuffed bunny I had with me since I was little even if it seems child-ish that was the only thing that made me feel safe .

After awhile I yawned and I started to fall asleep .Until I heard a tapping noise on the window I thought it was just a branch or a bird so I ignored it .But when I closed my eyes I heard the window creak a bit .A bit scared I got up and looked to see why the window creaked .My eyes widened .I couldn't move cause I was frozen with fear and confusion .There stood a man with pale white skin and black hair .It seemed like his eyelids were cut out cause he didn't blink once and his mouth was in a form of a smile as if it were cut ."Wh-who?" was all I able to say .I looked the man .He just chuckled and said in a creepy voice "Go.To.Sleep" then he pulled out a knife and ran towards me .

I moved off of my bed before he could tackle me with his knife .I ran to the door and opened it running down the stairs as quick as I could to get away from the man .I went into the kitchen and grabbed the largest knife we had and I saw him decending down the stairs and walking towards me .He chuckled then he said "Ariana is it?" I looked at him a bit confused how did he know my name and why was he trying to kill me .I hoped that mom or elliot would hear me soon from running in the house .I snapped back to what was doing so I held the knife in front of me and tried to hide my fear it probably didn't work because he just smirked and walked out of the back door and then I was dumbfounded but as soon as he was out of site I locked the back door ,put the knife back and went back upstairs .As soon as I reached my bedroom I locked the window and tried to fall asleep but failed .

Early in the morning I heard mom call me down for breakfast .So I changed into a black tee and some sleeping pants to look like I slept that night ."You look real tired honey ,are you okay?"she said and I replied with a nod and ate my cereal .When I finished eating I put my bowl in the sink went upstairs and put on a black and white stripe tee and put my red hoodie on it was just a little big on the sleeves but I liked it and so I put on a long shorts .I looked a little like a boy because of the way I was wearing my hood but I just walked out of the house trying to forget his face .

As I walked towards the park I had seen yesterday surprisingly no one was there so I went to sit on one of the swings and started rocking back and forth for awhile .Then I heard a small laughter coming from behind me .At that moment I just turned around to see the smile of the guy I saw last night .My head was pounding "what should I do?" he said "That's probably what your thinking right?" he continued .As I looked at him I said in a confused but scared voice "what do you want? ,why didn't you kill me?"I asked he just laughed and walked towards me without pulling out his knife "I thought I'd mess with you first before I kill you" he said widening his smile .

I kept looking at his eyes for some reason then I said "don't your eyes hurt?" he just looked at me and I looked back .It felt a bit weird that I was making eye contact with a killer but I just stared into his eyes and then he replied to my question"No It doesn't hurt at all I'm just fine" I just nodded and started to rock back and forth hoping that he didn't mind the low creaking noises .He then sat down on the swing next to mine and I felt something inside me feel really awkward .

So I wanted to break the awkward silence and asked him something I remembered "How do you know my name?" I said ."I know a lot of people's names girly" He replied I looked at him with confused eyes .He just laughed a little and got up and he started walking away slowly"Hey" I said grabbing his white hoodie sleeve"what's your name?" I asked and his smile just widened and he said "Jeff" .Then I looked at him with determined eyes and said "I will not die from your blade" .He chuckled and said "Then I will be back to prove you wrong"and with that we both walked into different directions .I must have been smiling because as soon as I walked in my mom asked if I made a friend "Nope I made a bet" I said and she asked me "what kind of bet?" and I said "Can't tell" both elliot and mom had confused faces I just went up to my room and turned on my ipod and put it on shuffle the first song that came on was "Fight Very Hard" by Dj Lee .I sat on my bed looking throw my dvd collection to find out what to watch .

Then I said to myself "I will not die" ...

~*end of part 1*~

This is just some stuff I had going threw my head I hope to make more please tell me what you think and i will try and answer them
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Lovegrave9619 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
More please!
StephanoAndGonzales Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
I have done all my work and I might try to make a new story with a different character from CreepyPasta and a character my cousin made.
kkttmmoo Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013
This is really good!!! I would have made that beg and been like, "COME AT ME BRO!!!" Lol.
StephanoAndGonzales Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
yeah also do you think I should continue? :iconquestionplz:
kkttmmoo Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
Sorry, I haven't been on here in a while but I think you should continue...if you haven't already...
StephanoAndGonzales Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
I continued two parts already but I can't think of anything
and my cousin went to our grannny's
SwiftCelebi8 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes please continue!!!
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Alright but it will take a while to make part three
Lovegrave9619 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013
*hugs StephanoAndGonzales*

I support you guys 100.9999% and then some!

StephanoAndGonzales Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013
Okay then miss.

Let there be more fanfiction if we think!

Lovegrave9619 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013
okie dokie artichokie!

Happy Yule Tidings!
StephanoAndGonzales Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Happy late Yule Tidings.
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